We connect schools with their communities, so parents and staff are engaged and children thrive.

With more than 12 years’ experience in the education sector, our specialist team supports more than 100 academies and trusts.

Schools are busy places, and communication is often left buried at the back of the store cupboard. But simple and engaging communication is a vital part of building your ethos, vision, and values with your communities.

At Athene Communications, we build and protect your reputation. Through strategic guidance and tailored campaign support, we empower schools and trusts to deliver effective communication that supports their improvement plans.

We help schools and trusts to translate acronyms and pedagogy into friendly, clutter free and content-rich communication to ensure parents, staff, students, and stakeholders engage with your key messages.

We’re also there in times of need or crisis, providing experienced support, asking the difficult questions, and crafting responses to protect, rebuild or repair your reputation.

What we do

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Creating your strategy

Whether you’re the CEO of a 
multi-academy trust or the business manager of a small village school, we will help you to identify who you should be communicating with, what you should be saying and when you should be saying it. Working closely with your team, we’ll craft a school communication plan that will engage your audience in a clear and creative way.
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Protecting you in crises

With the growing trend for tabloid scandal stories and immediate online comment, schools increasingly need to consider how they communicate when their reputation comes under attack. We are here to support school leaders, providing them with a trusted advisor and the knowledge and experience to reassure them.

Growing your reputation

Whether it’s building relationships with the local media, creating eye-catching marketing materials, or managing your social media profiles, we can work as a trusted member of your team to help you to achieve your communication goals. We can also train and mentor members of your team to give them the confidence and skills they need to keep up the good work.

How we do it

Bring your school or trust’s mission to life with a consistent approach to communication, aligned to your ambitions and audiences.
Let us bring your stories to life – to raise awareness, educate, and attract both existing and prospective students and staff.
Use the power of social media to reach new and existing students, parents, carers and staff in a targeted and affordable way.
First impressions are everything – ensure you make the right one with strategic and impactful stakeholder engagement.
Want to improve your in-house expertise? Let us guide and train your staff, so that they grow in confidence and ability.
Whether it’s online, face-to-face or a mix of both, we bring your community together for a smooth and engaging event experience.
Wanting to bring your vision to life internally, but worried about communication overload? We’re experienced in creating impactful messaging across trusts.
And if things go wrong? Our expert team are on hand to protect your reputation.

Work with an impact

How can we help your trust or school?

Tell us about your challenges or improvement plan to see if we can help your school thrive.