Built environment

In an ever-changing world, we stand alongside housebuilders and developers, providing comprehensive support across all levels of the built environment, whether that is pre or post-development.

From navigating political and planning landscapes and fostering community engagement to crafting visionary narratives that captivate and unite, our built environment shapes our future.

At Athene Communications, we have a decade-long track record of assisting developers, architects, and engineers to help make your plans a reality. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to help you effectively engage and consult with your stakeholders.

From strategic PR initiatives to fostering community engagement, facilitating internal communication, crafting compelling copy, managing your social media presence, and providing expert crisis communication management, we have you covered across all aspects of communication and outreach pre-application, during construction and post-development.

The built environment is confronted with complex challenges encompassing societal, political, and environmental dimensions. We delve deep into understanding the unique context of these challenges for each of our clients, enabling us to effectively showcase their expertise and thought leadership.

Whether it’s designing world-renowned university facilities, curating captivating retail spaces in Bali, or building new communities, we ensure that your organisation’s distinctive voice, audience motivations, and key messages are fully understood and skilfully communicated.

What we do

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Breaking down barriers

The planning process doesn’t have to be dry and inaccessible. We specialise in transforming complex and technical concepts into simple and engaging content, utilising our skills in public relations, marketing and digital communication.

A smooth journey

Rest assured; you don’t need to brace yourself for a bumpy ride. We are here to provide you with a steady and reliable pair of hands to guide you through the intricate consultation process, maximising support at every step.
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Protecting you in crises

In an era of tabloid scandal stories and instant online commentary, developers face a growing need to carefully consider their communication strategies when their reputation comes under attack. We serve as your trusted advisor, offering knowledge and experience to navigate these challenging situations.

How we do it

Bring your vision to life and influence your audiences with a consistent approach aligned to your goals.
We help you define and refine your brand strategy, ensuring that your brand identity aligns with your business objectives.
First impressions are everything – ensure you make the right one with targeted and impactful stakeholder engagement.
Let us manage your consultation from start to finish with an experience tailored to meet the needs of your project.
Whether it’s online, face-to-face or a mix of both, we bring your audiences together for a smooth and engaging event experience.
In the digital age, establishing a strong online presence is crucial. We provide digital marketing and social media services to boost your visibility and speak to the right audience.
Working in partnership with Cogitamus, we ensure your messages are shaped to resonate with policy makers.
And if things go wrong? Our expert team are on hand to protect your reputation.

Work with an impact

Starting a new project?

Tell us about your vision and challenges to see how we can help bring your project to life.