Work-Life Week: How Athene supports the wellbeing of staff

It is Work-Life Week which is a week dedicated to getting employers and employees talking about wellbeing at work and how to create a healthy work-life balance.

Here at Athene, ‘colleagues’ is one of our three values and our people are at the heart of our company. We aim to make work enjoyable for our employees, offering flexible working practices to ensure they’re able to have a work-life balance.

We have made it a priority to establish this for our employees over the last seventeen years and have made sure to continue to offer wellbeing support through lockdown as well as adopting some new practices.

So, what does Athene offer its employees?

  • We are a sociable bunch and enjoy catching up over coffee in the office or drinks after work. During the pandemic, we have re-created this social time by making sure our employees keep in touch with their teams via online Teams meetings. Our whole company also comes together for ‘coffee catch-ups’ every Wednesday morning to have an informal chat and share stories from throughout their week
  • Our employees enjoy working flexibly. Throughout the pandemic our team has had the autonomy to manage their time, whether that’s choosing to take longer lunch breaks to make the most of the sunlight and fresh air, or changing meeting times so they are not on the hour, giving them a chance to grab a cuppa before the next call…
  • To support the wellbeing and mental health of our employees we have three trained Mental Health First Aiders who are available to support the team whenever they need it. Alongside this, our employees also have access to a 24/7 confidential helpline which we have continued to promote during the pandemic
  • We have continued to collaborate throughout the pandemic via Zoom and Teams sessions and returned to the office when we were able

You may have also seen through our social media that our team are proactive at keeping a work-life balance and we love nothing more than getting together and hearing about what each other has been up to over the weekends, from countryside walks and seeing friends to the more exciting trips, holidays and activities pre-lockdown.

Employee Sam on her morning walk as part of her work-life balance
Employee Sam on her morning walk as part of her work-life balance

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