The human touch – the power of internal comms in a COVID-19 crisis

Humans are inherently social creatures. The situation we find ourselves in, with many office-based teams now working remotely, won’t come naturally to the majority. Throughout all the uncertainty and the worry, hearing a consistent, reassuring voice will be valued by many.

How will you create an honest dialogue with your teams? How will you encourage them to give their best? 

Here are some pointers to help you get started:  

  • Leaders may not – will not – have all the answers, but they do have the opportunity to make a difference. Make sure your leaders are visible and accessible to teams. Livestream regular updates, host live Q&As, and offer virtual drop-ins to give your staff the opportunity to hear directly from your leadership team 
  • People-centred communication has the potential to motivate, to encourage people to go above and beyond. Think carefully about how and when you communicate with people and show – as much as possible – that you’re treating them as individuals. Even setting out the briefest of comms strategies looking at audience, tone, channels and messaging makes a world of difference
People hotdesking - internal comms.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
  • Meet people where they are. Team leaders will be adapting to managing remote teams, while juggling their own personal pressures. Think about how you can help, by equipping them with the tools and resources they need to communicate quickly and effectively  
  • Embrace the tech. Organisations are rapidly introducing new technologies to their teams. These new ways of working allow us to collaborate, to innovate, and keep each other up to date. Recognise that there may be barriers for some. Help the less tech savvy to embrace these tools, and see it as an opportunity to stay connected 
  • Keep asking questions. What’s on your mind? Are we doing enough? Do you have the right information? Sometimes the simplest questions are the most important. Set out a brief protocol for your leaders and managers to use as they check in with their teams and use the insights to constantly evaluate and improve your comms approach.  

If you need help giving your internal comms a human touch, let us know. Good luck and stay safe!