How to be a dream Zoom-er

How to be a dream Zoom-er

While some of us may have been ahead of the curve, many of us are entering a brave new world of the Zoom meeting – figuring out how to mute/unmute ourselves, having meetings gate-crashed by the cat/children/Amazon deliveries, and discovering the wonders of virtual breakout rooms and whiteboards.

To help the newbies amongst you, we’ve created a set of easy rules to follow and share with your team to ensure your meetings run as seamlessly as they would in person.

Who’s in charge of the Zoom meeting?

If you are holding the meeting, nominate one of your colleagues as a moderator and assign them as a co-host on Zoom. Their role is to make sure everyone can participate in the session by supporting participants with any technological or connectivity issues and answering questions using the private chat function – rather than derailing the whole meeting.

Now we see you…

Yes – it means you probably ought not to wear your pyjamas, but it does have the added benefit of creating a more human and natural experience.

Being able to see colleagues’ facial expressions and naff wallpaper all contributes to the meeting experience and outcomes.

On a practical note, think about light and noise sources in the room you’re sat in so that people can see and hear you properly.

Zoom meeting on phone screen next to laptop
Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Hit the mute button

We’ve all experienced the eye-watering noise of feedback thanks to multiple microphones being on at once. So hit the mute button – unless you’re speaking of course. Most platforms allow you to easily mute/unmute by hitting the space bar on your keyboard.

Break the ice

Start the meeting with a social moment, whether that’s asking for Netflix recommendations or how they are surviving with the whole family at home… This helps people to settle in and get used to the technology before you get down to business. It is a great opportunity to contribute, set the tone and put everyone at ease.

 Explore the potentials of Zoom

Tools like Teams and Zoom offer lots of options to help you get the most out of your meeting. Do you want to gauge opinion on something? Set up a poll. Looking for more detailed input? Pop people in breakout rooms to discuss ideas. The meeting host can dip in and out of these to see how people are getting on and contribute to the conversation.

Familiarise yourself with the tool’s functions and plan your meeting accordingly. Why not record the session to save you making notes, or so that you can share it with those who couldn’t attend because they were dealing with the cat/children/Amazon delivery…

By following these guidelines, you will hopefully be a smooth Zoom operator and meeting attendee!

If you’d like some more advice on your internal comms during this time, pleease contact Emma McMillan at or visit our other Internal Comms news stories.