Devising a brand to recruit high quality teachers in Peterborough

Athene Communications devised a whole brand called Teach Peterborough to attract, recruit and develop high quality teachers to Peterborough.

Following consultation with city headteachers, principals and leaders at Peterborough City Council, we developed a campaign plan for the project which would drive the city’s ambitious education plans.

The primary aim was to create a one-stop website to sell Peterborough as the whole package for teachers and high quality teaching graduates – a city to train, teach, lead and live.

The website also allowed headteachers and principals to post current job vacancies at their school.

Athene also created three videos which featured testimonials from headteachers and NQTs (newly qualified teachers). A motion graphic showcase was also created to capture the key features of Peterborough and education in the city.

The website for Teach Peterborough is and you can watch one of the videos here:

Teach Peterborough graphic