Developing an internal comms strategy

A compelling mission statement (Making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs) and a consistent approach to embedding company values meant that employee engagement at Coloplast was already strong when we started working with them.

However, as a company with high ambition, Coloplast decided to further improve their internal communication following their employee survey results and to do this they wanted a professional approach.

Coloplast asked Athene to take a fresh look at its internal comms, review its effectiveness, develop an internal comms strategy, and establish a new internal comms function with the aim of this being led by an in-house resource in due course.


The Strategy

To help us get to grips with the organisation and its internal comms, we carried out a detailed audit process which involved conversations with employees from across the organisation, working with the established Great Place to Work team, and interviews with the senior leadership team. We also reviewed Coloplast’s existing internal comms channels, materials and resources to get a sense of what was being done well and what could be improved.

By embedding ourselves in the HR team at Coloplast, we were able to develop a deep understanding of the organisation, how it worked, its culture and its decision-making. As a result, we were able to make a series of recommendations – in line with their resources – that would help Coloplast to continue to improve its internal comms.

Our audit identified a few key areas for improvement, including raising the profile of senior management, improving cross-organisation communication, and bringing resources like Connect, Coloplast’s intranet, up-to-date.


The Solutions

Our recommendations built on and complemented the organisation’s existing channels and approach, including introducing a new monthly newsletter, geared towards sharing news and views across teams. The newsletter gave a platform for teams to celebrate successes and helped to direct attention to key stories on the intranet.

We also worked closely with the senior management team, helping them to develop a series of blogs that would share some of their personal and professional experience and insights with the wider organisation, at the same time as celebrating what they believe makes Coloplast a great place to work.

Over the 12 months we partnered with Coloplast we also provided strategic advice and hands-on support for change programmes, helping to develop messaging, drafting copy and providing challenge where necessary. We also supported internal campaigns, such as their Wellbeing Countdown to Summer, their 60th birthday celebrations, and their ambitions to be an employer of choice and Great Place to Work.