Meet the Team: Curtis Doyle

Meet the Team: Curtis Doyle

Welcome to the next instalment of our Meet the Team blogs. This month we spoke with Curtis Doyle, Senior Account Executive at Athene Communications. Curtis has shared more about his apprenticeship at Athene as well as revealing which TV show drew him to a career in PR and comms.

What is your career history?

I joined Athene straight out of school at 18, on an apprenticeship. I’d decided I didn’t want to take the university route and wanted to get my foot in the door of a career that would allow me to progress and grow.

I became a permanent member of the team the year after joining and have progressed to become a Senior Account Executive today, having worked across different parts of the business from Community Engagement to Internal Comms and traditional PR.

What drew you to working in communications and PR?

I always joke that it was the TV show Mad Men! Coming to the end of my school life I was looking for jobs where I’d get to write – but journalism internships were few and far between.

My school had joined with Athene to offer an apprenticeship and reading the brief I recognised a lot of the terminology and the type of work from watching Mad Men! It seemed like somewhere where I’d get to do the writing I wanted to do, but also learn and experience media relationships, managing clients and just have a diverse working life.

What is your role at Athene and what does that involve?

I am a Senior Account Executive – which means I take an active role in completing work for our clients; whether that’s writing press releases and thought leadership articles, managing social media channels, or securing media coverage.

The ‘Senior’ part of the role means that I have the experience to play a bit more of a part in client relationships when needed – whether that’s leading certain meetings or liaising with the client directly. I will also sometimes manage or support Account Execs in their work and progression by offering guidance and advice, alongside delegating work.

What do you feel has been one of your biggest achievements at Athene?

I think my biggest achievement at Athene is growing and learning year-on-year, trying to be a more valuable member of the team each time. Early in my career a big achievement was overseeing the design and copywriting for a local school’s prospectus; later on, I wrote a whole digital magazine for one of our international clients covering their projects around the world.

In recent months it’s been adapting to the situation regarding COVID-19 and working to help our clients through these uncertain times. Over the years the achievements change, and sometimes the smallest things can feel really important; but as long as I’m getting a little better at my job each year, I’m happy!

What has been the biggest challenge in your career?

The biggest achievements are usually the biggest challenges! So those first times that you’re managing a project independently, or taking on the responsibility of seeing a piece of work over the line – that’s when things can get stressful and challenging. But again, it’s part of what makes the achievements feel so good.

What is your favourite thing about working for Athene?

Definitely the people and the ethos that has been built in the company. It might be cliché to say, but it does feel very much like a family here – a very talented and driven family.

For me, Athene has made me who I am today – through the guidance and experience I’ve gained over the years. I’m a better writer, a better media man, a better client lead, a better adult! – and overall a better person.

What three words would you use to describe Athene?

Talented, experienced and adaptable

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I once got into a complete stranger’s car at a traffic light, thinking it was my colleague, Claire’s. It was mortifying for all involved. Chances are, if you attend an Athene event, I will be asked to recite it at some point!

If you enjoyed finding out more about Curtis and you’d like to get to know the rest of the Athene team, keep an eye on our news page for upcoming interviews.