Our Charity of the Year – Young People’s Counselling Service

We passionately believe that every business plays an important role in enhancing our local communities. This is why each year we partner with a ‘Charity of the Year’ to help us really get to know the charity, boost their profile and raise more than our annual target of £2,500 (which we then double).

Our charity this year has been the Young People’s Counselling Service (YPCS), based in Yaxley and Peterborough. The charity aims to bridge the gap between young people and their access to counselling services, providing free counselling in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. YPCS is a non-government funded charity, yet in 2017 the team supported 158 children and provided each with 12 sessions of counselling.

YPCS has actually been in existence for 25 years, but as quite a small charity it hasn’t developed a structured programme of fundraising – instead relying on the kind support of its trustees, members and local communities. In the last few years, however, the need for free counselling for young people has dramatically increased – meaning YPCS needed to grow its profile in order to continue supporting young people with quick and effective early interventions

We’ve really enjoyed getting to know our Charity of the Year and hope that our efforts have gone a long way in helping their fantastic cause. The Athene team have contributed their positivity and time to support the YPCS; recently volunteering at the Peterborough Firework Fantasia event to promote and raise money for the charity.

Image of Warwick Davis with Quiz Winners
Charity Quiz Winners 2019

We’ve held some exciting events this year, such as our annual quiz and our rounders competition! In March, we held our Quiz of the Year, inviting teams from across Peterborough to come and take part in our event. Hosted by Warwick Davis, the evening was a success and we raised £1,713.87 for YPCS to aid their new building work at the Annabelle Davis Centre. We also hosted our annual rounders tournament in July which allows local businesses to enter a team for the games and help to raise money and awareness for the charity. This event raised a fantastic £390.50!

Charity Rounders Tournament 2019

We’ve also hosted in-office competitions, such as sweepstakes, bake sales and voluntary parking donations for using our city centre office car park.

We were delighted that YPCS secured £100,000 from Persimmon Homes for their Building Futures campaign. Athene helped to promote their entry for this campaign, ensuring that the values and work of YPCS were spread far and wide to receive votes in this competition. This funding will go toward their new Annabelle Davis Centre.

So far this year, we have raised £2,536.89 – exceeding our target and with some further donations yet to be accounted for .

We will be presenting YPCS with their cheque for more than £5,000 in the early new year. We have also be very pleased with how our partnership has grown, so much so that we have chosen YPCS to continue as our Charity of the Year in 2020 as well.