‘Achievement is good and rapidly rising’ at Nene Park Academy

Pupils and staff at Nene Park Academy are celebrating after a recent Ofsted inspection found the school’s ‘achievement is good and rapidly rising’. The academy recorded a Good grade in all areas of the report.

The glowing report represents significant improvements since Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust sponsored the school in 2011. The leadership team was highlighted as being one of the driving forces behind this success.

David Jones, Lead Inspector said, “Creating a successful new academy requires a very strong leadership team, subject leaders with talent, pastoral staff the students value and effective teachers, support staff and governors who want to be involved and who give their time and expertise every day. Vital to the whole project is a sponsor who can offer advice, experience and role models at every level. Nene Park Academy is fortunate in all of these respects. The Principal, senior staff and the executive principal have high expectations and lead by example.”

The report also found that ‘significant numbers of students from different ethnic backgrounds make outstanding progress’ and that ‘overall students’ progress is above average and improving rapidly’.
During the course of the inspection the large number of observed lessons demonstrated ‘strong teaching in all subject areas’ and all sixth form lessons were good.

The academy’s pupils were highly commended, finding that they are ‘considerate’ and ‘have positive attitudes to learning and respond with enthusiasm and application’. This was also reflected in feedback provided by parents with over 93 per cent stating that they would recommend the academy to others.

The governing body was also praised for providing ‘exceptional challenge because of the clarity of information available from a senior management team with a relentless focus on high-quality education for all.’

Steve Howard, Principal of Nene Park Academy was delighted with report. He said, “This excellent report reflects the hard work of the Trust, governors, teachers, pupils and parents at the Academy, and one that we can be incredibly proud of.

“We believe that achievement is for all and are committed to the achievement of every pupil at the Academy. We relentlessly pursue a culture of excellence and regularly review our standards to maintain this focus. Our impressive exam results earlier this year are a result of this commitment and we are very pleased that this has now been recognised by Ofsted within their new, more rigorous inspection process.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone at the academy for their support and commitment to making it the very best it can be.”

Peterborough City Council received additional praise for supporting the £15 million transformation of the academy buildings, which opened in September 2013.

Councillor John Holdich, Peterborough City Council’s cabinet member for education, said: “I am delighted that Ofsted has recognised the hard work that has gone in to turning around Nene Park Academy and that this progress has resulted in it being officially rated as a good school.

“In Peterborough we are committed to raising levels of educational attainment to ensure our children and young people achieve the best they can. In just six years we have ploughed £197 million into rebuilding and refurbishing every secondary school in the city.

“The funding we made available to Nene Park Academy has clearly been put to excellent use and the new building and its facilities offer superb opportunities for pupils.

“I would like to congratulate the current principal, governors, teachers, pupils, parents and the Trust, for their continued hard work.”

To become outstanding the school must now focus on increasing the proportion of outstanding lessons and ensure that all pupils are stretched to the highest of their ability.


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Notes to the editor:

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils:

This is a good school.

• Standards are generally in line with or above the national figure and rising more rapidly than the national average.
• Achievement is good and rising rapidly. Significant numbers of students from different ethnic backgrounds make outstanding progress.
• Disabled students and those who have special educational needs are beginning to do well because support has been reorganised.
• Assessment information is used well at a strategic level to set targets and raise standards.
• The academy’s checking and review of teaching are consistently accurate. Teaching is good. Students respond very positively to well-planned lessons.
• Behaviour is good. Students work particularly well together, say they feel safe and have a very positive attitude to learning.
• Students are courteous and well mannered. A calm, friendly atmosphere is evident around the academy. Parents and guardians are pleased with the school.
• The overall effectiveness of the sixth form is good. Standards are below average but rising rapidly as a result of good teaching.
• Attendance is in line with the national average and rising.
• Additional government funding has been used well to support students who need extra help. As a result, the gap between their achievement and that of their peers is closing rapidly.
• Leadership and management are good. Staff are proud to be part of a rapidly improving team.
• Working together effectively, senior staff, governors, the Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust, and the local education authority have developed a good school in wonderful new buildings.

It is not yet an outstanding school because:

• The proportion of outstanding teaching is too low and the match of task to learning need varies at times
• In a small minority of lessons teaching lacks pace and there is insufficient challenge for some groups of students.